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A wooden skid is very similar to a standard pallet, same reliable and sturdy materials, there is just less of them. A wooden skid tends to be just a lighter version of a timber pallet. Allowing shipping items or products that are lightweight themselves, a wooden skid is a pallet without the timber slats on the bottom. This is done to improve shipping costs and is used for products that don’t need an over engineered base for their transit. There may be less materials being used, but it doesn’t compromise the overall product and often wooden skids are used for weights up to one tonne and can be as small or as large as needed.  This allows flexibility for your lighter products and means your costs in shipping may be significantly reduced, making your products more accessible to more customers and in more locations.

Both wooden skids and wooden pallets have their benefits and disadvantages, however switching from a pallet to a wooden skid can be an effective cost saving measure if the products being shipped do not need the extra sturdiness that comes from the second base element. A significant saving could be had with a wooden skid, if the product is right. If you are thinking of making the switch from pallet to wooden skid, get in touch with our innovative team for a solution that reduces your shipping weight but supports your products and gets them to their destination in one piece. Our professional team are on hand to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your budget across our wooden skid and timber shipping solutions.

At Ashborn, we are here to help you protect your products and investment as well as help your business reach the heights it deserves; and we start at the bottom. We want to help get you and your products packed and moving around the country or the globe, whatever your business needs. With Ashborn wooden skids and timber packing solutions, you can rest easy knowing your customers are receiving their products in the same manner they left your warehouse. We get your products moving safely and securely and our wooden skids are just one of the amazing products we offer for every shipping dilemma. Ashborn Industries has worked tirelessly to build and maintain a reputation as the industry leaders in wooden skids and timber shipping solutions, our dedicated team of professionals pride themselves on their work and that’s what sets us apart from the competition. Half a century of expertise dedicated to providing businesses just like yours with high quality shipping solution products to meet and exceed your needs. Whether it’s a standard or custom wooden skid, our Ashborn team can handle it all, we are dedicated to providing high quality service to a range of businesses and industries from local small businesses to large multinational exporters. Everyone has a need for wooden skids and shipping pallets, and we aim to serve each and every need that arises.

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Wooden Skids for Adelaide, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and beyond.

Our wooden skids are often used for shipping materials like sheet steel or aluminium and can easily handle multiple applications. Often wooden skids are also used where the product doesn’t need to be enclosed or wrapped and so wooden skids are often used to transport odd shaped goods, including engine blocks and machinery or bulky items. Our wooden skids are as efficient and lightweight as our wooden pallets and suit a large portion of our customers. It is always best to check what shipping solution is best for your needs, and our team of experts are only too happy to discuss the specifics of your needs and provide a solution for your shipping dilemma, so reach out today for one of our experts to help troubleshoot your wooden skid needs.

At Ashborn industries, across our five locations in Adelaide, Mildura and Griffith, we consider ourselves the shipping product experts, and our wooden skids are no different. We have over half a century of experience and innovation under our belts, and with that experience and expertise, you cannot go wrong with an Ashborn Industries wooden skid or other shipping solution product. We manufacture our products to suit our clients needs, no matter the requirement or measurements, we seek to provide the best solutions to our clients needs; so if you are looking for wooden skids, or any other timber shipping products, look no further than the professionals at Ashborn Industries to manufacture your wooden skids and start shipping your products with the best foundations.

Our timber is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed Australian forests, adding an environmentally friendly element to your shipping solution. We offer a range of products on top of our wooden skids, from pallets to crates. We deploy quality management strategies to ensure our wooden skids and other products meet both domestic and international quality standards, so your products are shipped with the safest and highest quality wooden skids on the market.

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