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Ashborn Industries and its partner companies are leading timber suppliers to Adelaide and beyond. With a key focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining standards and certification for export, Ashborn is the place to go for all your wooden pallet needs.

At Ashborn, we provide a range of wooden pallets to meet your needs. From the standard domestic wooden pallet all the way through to an air freight wooden pallet and just about everything in between. There isn’t a solution to your wooden pallet problem Ashborn cannot solve. Our team are dedicated to quality management standards and being a reliable source of wooden pallets to the local and regional community.

We manufacture wooden pallets for standard sizing of course; however, did you know we also make oversize pallets for long, awkward or oversize product shipping. If it’s an extra sturdy base you are looking for you can’t go wrong with our four-way block wooden pallet, or maybe the heavy duty and durable racking pallet is the wooden pallet to meet your business needs. We make those too. If your business is shipping goods overseas, then you needn’t look any further than our standard export pallet, not only is it reliable, its cost effective, and its export compliance certified. Removing one more headache from the export of your products to other markets.

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Wooden Pallets for Adelaide, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and beyond.

We know that for every manufacturing business there is a critical need for a reliable and sturdy shipping system and we not only support that, we manufacture it ourselves. Whether it’s to move your product from manufacturing warehouse to showroom or to ship to your clients, or even worldwide, we have a wooden pallet and shipping solution for your business. The ability to move your products wherever they need to be shouldn’t be impeded by your choice of pallet. With durable and reliable products, we have a solution to meet your business needs and we do it all from Adelaide. We take care of the basics, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your wooden pallet solution.  Your ability to move your products from point A to point B shouldn’t be full of obstacles, nor should you be worried about the quality of the wooden pallets supporting your products on their journey.

We have so many solutions for your shipping needs, we couldn’t blame you for being overwhelmed with choice. Our professional team, however, are on hand to help you work out the best wooden pallet solution for your business. Whether you manufacture small goods or large, we have a solution for your business. We can also cater to those businesses with a need to ship overseas. Opening the marketplace for your business never seemed so simple and easy. Its time to take advantage of the best wooden pallet solution in Adelaide; and of course, enhance your business offering to more clients. With something as simple as the right wooden pallet!

Wooden pallets are one of the best solutions for moving heavy objects. With excellent designs, wooden pallets are sturdy, and design and construction are critical components of a successful and durable wooden pallet. Since they are so well designed, and lightweight, wooden pallets are not only saving you money on shipping costs, as the weight is largely your products, but also in the long run with their durability and environmentally sustainable construction, meaning you are replacing your wooden pallets less often and are reducing your carbon footprint.

Using timber as a shipping solution, such as wooden pallets, is one of the most eco-friendly options your business could choose. We only source the timber to make our pallets from sustainable plantations in Australia, so that we can guarantee to the quality of the final product. Choosing a solution made from concrete, steel, brick or aluminium is not only a costly exercise, but these materials are also energy-intensive, with significant carbon emissions attached. So timber or wooden pallets are the safer, environmentally friendly choice, for any business. We also ensure we do our part and work with our suppliers in choosing responsible and sustainable methods for timber purchasing. We also like to ensure we conserve our natural environment and actively seek to protect Australia’s flora and fauna in the process.

Did you know most wooden pallets are made from what is commonly referred to as “waste lumber” or timber not at a furniture grade or suitable to use in commercial grade products and goods. There is nothing structurally wrong with the wood itself, it’s just isn’t visually appealing. This means there are no plantations or forests out there dedicated to the construction of wooden pallets and even though they are no longer trees, wooden pallets still work for the environment. Wooden pallets are far superior in cost, manufacturing process and environmentally over the plastic pallets, and that’s why we don’t use plastic. One of the greatest advantages of wooden pallets is their recyclability. Most manufacturers, Ashborn included, offer a repair service, we even offer replacement boards for your pallets, or we can repair them for you, extending their lifecycle and reducing your costs. If we cannot repair your pallet, we chip them for mulch other products, and sometimes we even recycle them for use in furniture trends or any number of other alternative purposes.

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