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At Ashborn we pride ourselves on our extensive range of wooden crates, pallets, skids and other timber shipping solutions and we know your business will benefit greatly from utilising this extensive range. As a local Adelaide based manufacturer, we offer a range of wooden crates and other shipping products. With our experienced and dedicated team  on hand to help you with your wooden crate solution, you cannot go wrong with our high-quality manufacturing processes and equipment, our expert advice and service in supplying wooden crates and other shipping solutions to meet you and your business needs now and for a long time into the future.

It doesn’t matter what you are shipping, we have a wooden crate solution to meet your needs and get your products from manufacturer to client, as efficiently as possible, and with little impact on the environment; a hot topic and challenge most businesses find themselves facing in the current world climate. So, ensuring your solution is environmentally responsible and sustainable is an added bonus and selling point for your business. If we do not have an off the shelf solution for your wooden crate needs, our expert staff are more than happy to help create a custom solution to meet your business and product requirements.

Wooden crates are a fantastic solution for transporting items of almost any size. Whether your products are an odd size or shape, or just need extra protection a wooden pallet cannot provide when shipping, a wooden crate might just be the solution you are looking for. Our Ashborn team can draw up and manufacture a custom wooden crate design to meet your needs in no time, our team will have a few questions, but as long as we know the weight and dimensions, we can either come up with a solution of our own or draw the wooden crate you can see in your head. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to finding or manufacturing the perfect wooden crate.

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Wooden Crates for Adelaide, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and beyond.

We offer a full range of wooden crates in off the shelf solutions, including standard case crates, and standard wooden crates. Our standard case crates are fully enclosed and designed to protect your products completely; these wooden crates are more suited for long shipping transits. Our standard crates are a little different, with a more open design allowing for a significant reduction in overall packaging weight, and in turn reducing shipping weight and cost. These crates are designed for products that do not need full coverage protection on the transit journey. Our team are also able to customise the designs of these wooden crates, to meet your needs, so if it is more of a box shape that meets your needs, our team has you covered. Ashborn are also certified for export compliance and can manufacture a solution for your export wooden crate needs.

Our Ashborn team work to ensure we hold solutions for all wooden crate needs, and if we don’t our team are excited to create something new for our customers. Customers and their needs are at the heart of what we do, and innovative solutions to the random shipping conundrums our clients come to us with is all part of the service offered at Ashborn. So, whatever your wooden crate needs, Ashborn has you and your business covered.

We ensure that every wooden crate or timber product that leaves our warehouse ready for a life of shipping your most important products, is compliant with the relevant standards, and we adhere to the International Standards for Quality Management. Meaning each and every wooden crate that we manufacture, in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mildura and Griffith is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Whether open or enclosed suits your needs, we have the solution for you. Our timber is also heat treated, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and keeping them from the local environment. All of our sites follow this process, and ensure our products remain the highest quality in the industry.

Ensuring you have a cost-effective wooden crate solution should be an important component of your successful business. Wooden crates allow you to stack your products in a compact and logical way, utilising the crate to your specific needs. Wooden crates also in our standard case form, offer extra protection for your products during transit. Whereas our open wooden crate allows for easy identification of your products. We truly have a solution for most needs, and where we don’t have the right wooden crate for your needs, we can easily manufacture one with our upgraded technology and expert team on hand to find even the most creative of solutions.

Our range of wooden crates are the perfect solution for transporting your products, whether they are bulky and awkward or smaller items, customisation is available to you to reduce weight and cost if you need it. Knowing our wooden crate solutions are completely compliant with both international export and domestic standards, should give you the peace of mind your products are in the right hands when they are shipped using an Ashborn wooden crate.

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