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Why Wooden Pallets, Crates and Skids is best for you and the environment

Wooden pallets, crates and skids are a staple of any business, and we sell hundreds of thousands of units to Australian businesses across the country. We even see our pallets and other wooden shipping products around the world as our products are international shipping compliant. Our wooden pallets, crates and skids are a convenient solution for bulk shipping or storage, and don’t impede the ability to move the products around the warehouse as needed.


We treat our pallets, skids and crates with heat to avoid harmful chemicals. Making each wooden shipping solutions a perfect choice for your business.

The structural integrity of the storage or shipping solution, preventing further damage or breaks.  The last thing we want is a board to break in transit and have your product spill out everywhere from the crate; or for a board to start to degrade and the corner of your pallet be compromised causing it to topple.


Using wooden skids, wooden pallets or crates is not only cost effective, environmentally responsible, but also one of the best choices you can make for your business. Lightweight and easily transportable, pallets and skids are a logical choice for both heavy and light-duty applications.


Pallets and skids come in all kinds of configurations. Skids are the most cost-effective solutions available, using as little material as possible to do the job. Pallets are more widely used to transport most products and are significantly stronger. Bins are Pallets with side walls best suited for fruit and vegetables. Wooden Crates are the most flexible option – usually custom designed to completely enclose and protect more sensitive products like electronics and furniture.


The environmental impact of using wooden shipping solutions like pallets, skids and crates, is significant. Not only are pallets, skids and crates made from ‘seconds timber’ or waste material left over from the building industry. This timber would otherwise be automatically chipped and that be the end of the timber’s life. When it comes to pallets especially. These off cuts are heat treated and used to create boards which in turn become pallets, skids and crates. Due to this, and the reusing of the pallets, the number of trees that need to be cut down and allows more trees longer to grow.

Ashborn have been in the pallet and timber product industry for decades and is a local, family owned a run business. We are dedicated to the reliable, durable, quality timber products we manufacture in our factories across Australia (including Glossop, Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mildura and Griffith). If you want to know more about our high quality, environmentally responsible, wooden pallets and timber products, drop us a line on 08 8583 1111.




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