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Which Wooden Pallet is best for shipping?

Shipping and transport have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, improving in leaps and bounds. We can now ship products from one continent to another in the blink of an eye. Customers no longer need to wait months for a product to arrive, and businesses no longer need to worry about breakages as much. We can now move just about anything from precious artworks to thousands of small products in the same way. The answer to the worldwide shipping phenomena? Wooden Pallets. So many improvements to this simple component of shipping has allowed us to open shipping channels and improve client service tenfold. Ashborn Industries have been a leader in wooden pallet manufacturing for the last several decades. A family run business originating out of regional South Australia and serving customers nationally, we are proud to be pioneering innovation in the shipping industry. What makes the wooden pallet so amazing though?


Convenient, strong, durable, recyclable, simple to construct, and with a swathe of different configurations, wooden pallets are the most commonly used tool in shipping and logistics. Easily transported with forklifts, pallets make it easy to move large quantities of products, quickly without adding too much weight to the shipping cost. So, let’s take a look at your options for wooden pallets to meet your shipping needs.


Most businesses choose a wooden pallet because of the weight saving and the environmental impact a plastic pallet has. A plastic pallet is also not recyclable in the way a wooden pallet is. Wooden pallets are durable and last when exposed to the elements, as a natural product, they do not succumb easily to weather; making them the most cost-effective choice for businesses who have extensive shipping needs.


The Ashborn Industries wooden pallets are customisable and sourced from renewable plantations. In most cases, the lumber used for the wooden pallets is the off cuts not suitable for its initial purpose, like commercially made furniture. In other words, the timber that would have otherwise been chipped for mulch. It’s still just as strong as the rest of the tree, but not as visually appealing. We heat treat our timber to avoid chemical treatments unless required, and to avoid rot, mould and other nasty ailments that may come along.


Our wooden pallets come in many shapes and forms and our team can even custom construct a pallet to suit your needs for awkward, long, or bulky items. Our pallets are also export certified, so no need to worry about moving product domestically or internationally. We even manufacture skids if you don’t need the strength of a full wooden pallet.


Ashborn have been in the pallet and timber product industry for decades and is a local, family owned a run business. We are dedicated to the reliable, durable, quality timber products we manufacture in Adelaide, Riverland, Mount Gambier, Griffith and Mildura. If you want to know more about our high quality, environmentally responsible, wooden pallets and timber products, drop us a line 08 8583 1111.


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