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Ensuring your business has a cost-effective export strategy is an integral part of business success. Ashborn industries is export compliant across all of its products, including its export quality wooden crates and pallets. Export costs can drive up the cost of your products, but not with an Ashborn solution. Ashborn Industries ensures all of our timber products can be made export crates at the drop of a hat. We have a range suited to almost any need, and what we don’t have ready and on hand for your business needs, we can create with our innovative solutions to common and not so common export needs.

Our Export crates are compliant and ready to stack and cater to the range of product needs you and your customers may have. Whether your products are standard size or awkward and bulky, we have an export crate that will work in every situation. Our innovative team are always on the hunt for ways to provide better alternatives to our clients and to meet their sometimes-unique product needs. At Ashborn Industries we use only the highest quality timber products to construct our export crates, heat treated to avoid disease and timber ailments, our products are manufactured to a high quality and standard. Our materials are responsibly sourced from plantations across Australia and our teams construct using the latest technology and techniques ensuring your export crate stands the test of time and export shipping.

At Ashborn, our customers are the most important aspect of our business, something we have in common with our customers, so we ensure our export crates provide you and your products with extra protection during transit. Every export crate we manufacture is done to our customer’s specifications and needs. Whether this be standard or custom export crates, we are happy and able to cater to all that you need and so much more. Our export crates allow you to stack your products in a compact and efficient way, maximising on the shipping efficiency. Allowing you to move more of your products around the world to meet the wants and needs of your customers. Using Ashborn export crates is a partnership your business and customers can only benefit from.

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Export Crates for Adelaide, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and beyond.

Our export crates allow for either a slatted format, allowing easy identification, or fully enclosed for those products that need a little extra protection whilst being shipped worldwide. Our business has been servicing clients across the country for decades, initially a small family owned business, which has grown over the decades to a large, still family run, business supporting exporters of great Australian products to the rest of the world. Showcasing Australian ingenuity and standards the world over; all from our manufacturing base in Adelaide. With partner businesses in Mildura and Griffith, we can have the export crates you need to you as soon as possible, without skipping a beat in quality standards.

The Ashborn product range is extensive, and we are always looking at ways to better serve our customers both long and short term. Our export crates cater to small goods, large items and awkwardly shaped products alike, you can’t go wrong with an Ashborn export crate for shipping your goods.

Sturdy, stackable, lightweight, and durable, Ashborn products are second to none, and you will not be disappointed in quality or reliability. The Ashborn export crates are wooden crates that have been treated to meet the international standards for timber export crates and pallets used to ship your goods and products internationally.

Ashborn are export certified and compliant in manufacturing and heat-treating timber products and packaging and we ensure all of our products comply with Australian and International standards and requirements for shipping globally.  Our team can supply your business with any sized export crate, we just need the internal dimensions, and weight of the products to be shipped. We focus our attention on ensuring all of our export crates are of high quality standards, so you do not have to worry about the safe delivery of your products globally, you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands with any Ashborn product, especially our export crates.

At Ashborn Industries, and our partner companies, we consider our team to be the forthright experts at creating innovative shipping solutions across export crates, pallets, and other timber shipping products. With almost half a century of experience across many industry developments and innovations, we have kept abreast of them all and in some cases been the pioneers ourselves. Manufacturing top quality export crates, pallets and other timber shipping products, you can rest assured every product that leaves one of our manufacturing warehouses in Adelaide, Mildura or Griffith is of the highest quality standards and we have met each and every one of your needs and requirements for successful export of your goods. Our team are always on hand to help with your specific needs, and to brainstorm the best solution for your export crates. Give us a call any time to talk export crates and how we can help you ship your products globally.

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