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Australian Custom Skids and Pallets to meet your needs

Shipping standard sized items is not really something most people think about. It’s when the item is not conventionally shaped or is heavy or oversized, things get a little tricky. So, what solution do we have for you? The Ashborn custom skids or pallet solution will have you asking why you didn’t think of us before. Our creative team are on deck to work with you on the best shipping solution for your oversized products and how best to transport them without breaking the bank. With our custom solutions, you can sit back and relax, as we take sure of all the important parts to get your stock from point A to point B without incident, safely and securely.


If you have just joined us a skid is usually just another term for pallet, however the two have important differences, as well as different sets of advantages and disadvantages. The key difference is that a skid does not have a top deck, like a pallet does. The advantage to a skid includes its high mobility, weight considerations, and allows for restraints to be in place if needed, as well as allowing most items of random weights, sizes and shapes to be accommodated. Whilst pallets may be the most popular shipping tool of choice, the skid has a lot of benefits that come into play when the pallet simply isn’t up to the job.


So why use a custom skid? When the skid is custom, it can accommodate all of the unique components of your item, be it heavy, oversized or just an odd shape. Our designers will also look at whether a specific lifting device will be needed for the item and can accommodate this in the build of the skid, making it easier to load and unload your item. Heavy equipment is also usually atop its own custom skid to keep it secure and in place.


We can manufacture the custom skid to meet the anticipated transport used throughout the items journey to its final destination. Custom skids are designed with stability and reliability in mind, whilst remaining flexible as well. Often its hard to find the flexibility of customisation as some manufacturers will only want to mass produce and if they have to stop for a custom project, the cost could be passed onto you. At Ashborn, our team love the weird and wonderful and finding a custom solution for your items, big or small.


Customised skids are also perfect for storage. They can provide permanent structure for heavy or oversized items, and they take up less space when not in use, because they are stackable. So really, you cannot lose with a customised skid solution for your heavy and oversized items.

Ashborn have been in the pallet and timber product industry for decades and is a local, family owned a run business. We are dedicated to the reliable, durable, quality timber products we manufacture in our Adelaide factory. If you want to know more about our high quality, environmentally responsible, wooden pallets and timber products, drop us a line 08 8583 1111.




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