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5 Interesting Pallet Facts You Might Not Know

When we hear the word “pallet”, most of us don’t get all that excited. You can be forgiven for thinking pallets be it wood, cardboard,or plastic, are not really that interesting. However, at Ashborn, we live and breathe all things pallets and we happen to think they are pretty cool. As a renewable resource that is beneficial to the environment, pallets are super versatile and countless businesses the world over rely on these simple little inventions to move their products across the globe.For those who are still curious, we have put together five of our favourite Pallet Facts just for you, we hope you find them as interesting as we do.

  1. Wooden Pallets are Environmentally Friendly

For the environmentally minded, wooden pallets are by far the bestchoice. Did you know that trees absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere?The tree retains the stored carbon in the wood, so it is effectively still working for the environment after it has been made into a wooden pallet. Plastic and cardboard palletsalternatives only perpetuate the greenhouse gas cycle byusing precious non-renewable resources. Wooden pallets however are produced using processes with little if any carbon emissions.

  1. Wooden Pallets are Strong and Versatile

Most wooden pallets are made from “waste” lumber that may not be as pretty as furniture grade wood, but it is just as strong and contributes to making sure that all of a harvested tree’s resources is utilised. As well as being strong, timber is very flexible and resistant to damage, and if damage does occur, repairs can be made easily to extend its lifespanwithout reducing the structural integrity of the pallet.

  1. Wooden Pallets are Reusable

As timber is a natural, reusable resource, wooden pallets can have multiple purposes over the course of its lifespan. Firstly pallets are made from a waste product. When the pallets are no longer in use, they can be repaired and re-used by a 2nd party. When they are no longer fit for purpose, wooden pallets can be broken down into pieces forfirewood, or be further broken down for mulch in gardens or as pulp for making paper products. At the end of the day, the end result for a pallet is that it ends up back in the earth – into nature where it began and where it belongs.

  1. Wooden Pallets are Sustainably Grown

In Australia, our timber comes from sustainable plantation forests that have strict policies in place to protect this country’s natural resource. In short,for every tree cut down for industry, another is planted in it’s place. As explained earlier, no trees are felled for the sole purpose of making pallets, so pallets specifically do not contribute to deforestation.

  1. Wooden Pallets are Essential!

We find it fascinating, that no matter where you look, whatever object you see, at some point it has been on a pallet at some stage of its life. Almost everything that that is grown, produced or manufactured, has to be paced on a pallet before it can be delivered to you.


Maybe next time you see a pallet sitting beside your local shop, you will think of it a little differently.


Ashborn Industries have been manufacturing pallet and timber products for decades and is an Australian family owned and run business. We are dedicated to the manufacture of reliable, durable, quality timber products at sites in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mildura, Griffith and the Riverland. For more information about our high quality, environmentally responsible, wooden pallets and timber products, drop us a line on (08) 85 831 111.

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